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Welcome to this blog and to the first post. 🙂 I am humbled and glad to have you, on board. Feel free to browse through this website and if you have any questions for me then let’s talk.  Otherwise, I will be posting here often about my experience with voiceover and life in general.

It seems that society dictates we wear this perfect cap in front of everyone and for professional reasons. While I can understand that argument, I do not agree with it fully. It takes away from authenticity. The authentic you is what I strive for and hope you do too. So, you will see me often authentically post about voiceovers, tech, good days and bad. This, in a nutshell, is what this blog is about.

So, what else do I do? I create stuff with my team @ luxmicro.com. I am a very active husband and father. I usually work double hours every day to be on hand to take care of my daughter’s needs around my wife’s busy schedule. There is not enough time in the world!

When both my daughters came into this world I started to see life through a different perspective than accustomed. I am not sure if there is an “anti-insanity switch” in that new perspective, but one can be hopeful. None the less, it has been an awesome experience.

What is new with you? What do you enjoy in your profession?

I hope to connect with many of you on the interwebs and soon!

Jason Randle

Jason Randle is a voiceover artist, streamer, and founder of Luxmicro.com.