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A flat $21.00 for up to :60 seconds. This also includes the .MP3 file which will be stored in the files section of your client account.
I am always open to a vocal project and If i am the voice you want then let’s talk.
Yes! I use Paypal and eventually will be adding Stripe.
Your payment is made through your account and on the Paypal servers which are secured by Paypal and not this website.
It will depend on the project. As for projects like voicemails? 24-72 hours.
I focus on voicemails. When people talk to me in public this is often the most requested project.
No and I do not aim to be, “Famous.” There are enough of those folks in the world and that is fine but it is not for me.
I am just a simple person. So, that is it! What you see is what you get. No fluff behind me or what I do.